No Anesthesia

Dirty Sound Records 2006

I have just been smacked in the face by the new Witchtrap.  This Colombian thrashstorm never fails to deliver.  Taking equal parts Venom, Destruction, Motorhead, and other early thrash and NWOBHM masters, Witchtrap unleash a merciless onslaught of sloppy and dirty thrash.  When I say sloppy I don't mean that as a mark against it, I just mean that they are playing with a reckless abandon that sacrifices professionalism in favor energy and urgency, and this makes the listen one hell of a headbanging affair.  No Anesthesia is old school to the bone and songs such as Heavy Drinker, Riot of the Beast, and Lethal Thrashing Force ensure you know what you can expect here.  The songwriting has matured on this album as well with more variation in song structures and longer more intricate songs.  The instrumental Forgotten Cemetery is a perfect example of them slightly broadening their horizons though I think it is a bit of a snoozer.  B.L.M.D. allows its NWOBHM influences shine through rather than being simply a thrashing burner scorching the earth.  Priests of Sin's main riff kills me with its simple power a la Slayer's Chemical Warfare where it has a simple yet tank engine rumbling effect.  No Anesthesia is a tighter and more polished affair than Sorceress Bitch but it still has many layers of grime and filth piled on top of it.  Burning Axe Ripper's vocals are ferocious and at times remind me of early Schmier(Destruction).  With No Anesthesia, Witchtrap have started to mature and their growth shows yet they have managed to maintain the energy and ferocity of Sorceress Bitch at the same time.  If you like your thrash as old school as possible and dirty as hell then Witchtrap is one of your ultimate visions come true.