Interview with Toxik Death 2012

By Bradley Smith


Your new Demo has been unleashed and garnered some pretty big impressions.  Do you feel it is leaps better than the first EP?  And if so, why?  What did you do differently this time around that you learned from when you recorded and released your previous demo?


A:  Well, the first EP didn`t turned out how I wanted it to be exactly.  The new demo is not new songs, but a new line up (just me on guitar left), and it turned out good.


And since we are on that topic, your demo is already sold out.  I take it there are plans to repress it.  You must be pretty pleased to see your demo already sold out like that, correct?  How many copies did you press?  Has it generated any interest in an album deal yet?


A:  We made 100 tapes, and not ALL of them were sold, but we don’t have any left. Yeah many have showed interest in the demo, so that’s cool.  Ormeyngel Records are printing 100 new tapes right now.  We got some labels interested, but we haven`t decided just yet.


Based on the pics I have seen of you I have determined that you have played at least 4 different guitars.  So how many guitars have you owned?  And what are you looking for when you pick up a guitar?  What makes a metal guitar in regards to both sound and design?  I love the flying V!!!  heh heh.


A:  I have a Gibson Flying V, and a Gibson SG.  So my choice is easy when it comes to guitars:  Only Gibson is real.  I had some other guitars before, but I sold them.  I had a BC Rich beast, and an ESP KH2, but I sold them.


Toxik Death was recently named Fenriz’s band of the week.  How does that make you feel?  Do you feel like you have earned that right?  And what do you think about your music appealed to his ears?  Has this affected Toxik Death at all? 


A:  He seems like a cool guy with a good taste in music, so it’s cool I guess.

It doesn`t make me feel any different than before, but it may have given us some good promotion.


There is a certain bond between thrash metal and alcohol.  Do you feel that you represent that connection well?  Would you consider Toxik Death bordering on drunken thrash or do you leave that sort of thing to the likes of Tankard?  Could you drink the guys in Deathhammer under the table? 


A:  Haha, I don’t think anyone can survive the same amount of alcohol that Salsten of Deathhammer can.  We can drink like the maniacs we are for sure yes, but I think all of us would die before Deathhammer in a drinking battle till death!


You were in the USA not too long ago and drove the famous Route 66.  What made you want to drive it?  Did you drive the whole length of it?  What were some of the most interesting things you saw along the route?  Did you get a new impression on how big the USA is?  The reason I ask is because a lot of people I meet who don’t like there just don’t really get the idea of how big the USA is until they have spent some time there.  Did you feel like a true Highway Warrior?  Heh heh


A:  Yeah me (Anders) and my girlfriend drove the route 66, and went to Maryland Deathfest 2011.  It was a great trip we both always wanted to do.  We drove the whole fukking length, but not all the length on Route 66, since that’s not possible anymore. USA is really big.

Of course I’m a Highway warrior.  I drive a fukking Renault Kangoo at home that looks like it’s been to a fight or 50 haha.


I remember seeing a message from you that stated “Keep It True.”  What exactly is “true” to you and how does one keep it that way?  On the reverse side of that, what is the ultimate “UNTRUE?”


A:  Hehe Keep It True is a Metal festival in Germany, and the reason why I posted it, is that I’m going next year hehe.
























What a line-up!


And while we are on that topic, based on your song Metal Possessed, how does one know when they are metal possessed and what are symptoms of being metal possessed?  I mean how does a person behave when I am possessed by metal? 


A:  Hehe it sounds cool. I guess when you’re Metal possessed, you Hail Satan, Listening to Metal and get drunk!  The meaning of life in other words.


A post you made seemed to be taking aim at Norway’s justice system.  What do you think of how Norway treats its criminals and do you agree with which crimes seem to merit harsher penalties than others?  Why do you think Norway does this?


A:  Norway and its Justice System sucks. End of story.


So what are the upcoming plans for Toxik Death?  When can we expect a full length album and will you be destroying Norway or any other place with any live onslaughts?


A:  Expect a Full-length and some other cool stuff, and Töxik Death will do some live devastations soon!!!


Thanks again for the interview.  I’ll leave you some bonus space to summon the Thrashforces of Evil!  Thrash hard brother!!!


No Problem!!