Funeral Goat

Mass ov Perversion

Daemon Worship Production 2009

It seems the masterminds behind Holland's black metal overlords, Sauron, had to find an outlet for the primitive and raw bestial lust they harbor inside.  And Funeral Goat is just that demonic hell-beast.  It features the duo of Ludas and HerrAIDS wreaking feral devastation upon our ears.  The album begins with an incantation of demonic vocals before the beast is unchained on Praise the Beast.  Echoing gravely vocals and dirty monotonous riffing saw through flesh in a similar manner to VON's primordial style.  Murderous savagery claws at my ear drums on 666 and the unrelentingly underground riffing brings to mind Sarcofago's Brazilian onslaught.  Dead Angels picks up immediately where 666 left off with muddy, thick guitars writhing rhythmically on the muddy floor in abject supplication to the horned god.  Death Hymn is more hypnotic VON references, especially in the vocal pacing and the echo effects.  The track is a straight line from beginning to end with only one minor riff change that doesn't distract from the monotone feel of the song.  Conjuration is much more varied and references some of the more atmospheric Beherit or perhaps some early Samael work though still remaining completely raw and primitive.  The pacing of the song gives the feeling of a lumbering golem, unfeeling and singular in its intent.  Calling Forth the Storm is a pitch-black assault of Christ-immolating black metal whose rapid pace is suffocating.  Each of the 13 tracks here is a relatively rapid assault that is over within but a a couple of minutes.  Funeral Goat is barbaric and raw.  They rely on a simplistic yet ruinous approach that will appeal strongly to fans of early South American work or those who worship modern stuff in the vein of Archgoat.  Mass ov Perversion will eviscerate you and leave you crying in agony in the damp earth.