Candelight/TABU Records 2004


Here is the post Windir project.  It bears little resemblance to Windir though because this is basically guitar oriented music.  It focuses mainly on catchy memorable riffs without the folky influences that permeated Windir.  There is little to no keyboard usage to be found on this album.  I feel that makes for a more impactful song though.  There is however, a nice sprinkling of acoustic guitars which enhances the atmosphere and the makes the songs a little more individualistic.  The song Empty also stands out quite a bit though because it is a somber kind of ballad.  And the intro to Helvete sounds like a Red harvest composition with its industrial leanings.  based on the photos on the Cd cover you would expect this to be the main direction of the music since it is of a High tension powerline.  But it is not.  It is just simply guitar driven black metal.  I feel I must mention that the production is great.  Everything has its own place in the mix and nothing is drowned out.  Plus the vocals really hit hard.  I am not sure exactly what direction they are headed for in the future but this is a nice release to hold me over until I get a better idea of what this band is about.