Sadistic Grimness


Daemon Worship Productions 2009

Avoiding any similarities to the "traditional" Swedish style of death metal, Sadistic Grimness strikes hard with a barrage of brutal underground death metal that strikes similarities to the American scene.  After a quick, electronic introduction, Incongruity bashes down the door with thrashing death metal riffs and a hard as nails sound that strikes a parallel with some Morbid Angel though thrashier to a degree and with some black metal breaks.  Spraying snare drum hits and precision guitar licks all living flesh is charred beyond recognition.  The Birth continues the assault with a thrashing rhythm buried amidst underground death metal morbidity and periodic bouts of black metal atmosphereism and merciless blast beats.  Lieath really gets violent as it belches forth a torrent of hyper death metal with a lean towards explosions of intense drumming and lulls of fat, lethargic rhythms.  One of the few times Swedish riffing appears is during Pulsating Darkness as can be detected by that near melodic opening riff and the dark lead that dwells within the song's innards like a parasite.  Autopsy references are resurrected in the doomy, festering bowels of the track.  Those same Autopsy influences claw their way to the surface throughout the title track creating a mood of dread.  However Flames of Desolation charges full force from the start like a demonic and bastardized Slayer offspring weaned on Swedish death and black metal.  Sadistic Grimness' second album is a bit chaotic, stylewise at times and I feel bruised and deadened somewhat by the album's end as it is a little too much of a mish-mash of genres.  With that being said, it is brutal, authentic and definitely lethal in its execution.