Dimensional Psychosis

Architecture of Realities

Daemon Worship Records 2009

On their second full length album Dimensional Psychosis from the Netherlands warps the fabric of metal, morphing black metal riffs into death metal and vice versa for a devastating effect.  Combining progressive and brutal music with astral aesthetics proves to be a nursery for superior metallic annihilation.  Kaleidoscope Reversed bind death metal drum rhythms with black metal blasting riffs for a celestial firestorm.  The constant tempo shifts, guitar explosions and the folky melody make the song chaos in action and the ambient electronic noise that closes out the track is ominous in a Donnie Darko dream sequence sort of way.  Immediately though hellish, yet tight black metal riffing flares out of the preceding darkness like a fiery asteroid on Singularity.  The track twists with a hypnotic regularity that belies the violent nature of the track.  Guitar harmonics during the moderately paced sections and symphonic keys add to the corrupting madness of Vortex Generator Intergalactic Overdrive and brings to mind a bizarre mating of Immolation and Morbid Angel.  Nordic black metal references surface in the early passages of New World Disorder though the destabilize into strange, swaying riffs and operatic vocals pushing the listener towards complete disorientation.  Astral Abortion is a flurry of rapid fretwork and stop/start tempo stumbling that teeters on the brink of abyssic insanity and celestial destruction.  I am not sure how I feel about the electronic, near-dance "hidden" track that closes out the album.  It utilizes harsh sound but the danceable beats render the track a sort of misguided experiment.  Aside from that lone error, Architecture of Realities is a cosmically brutal album that showcases the aggressive and progressive skills of Dimensional Psychosis.  If you appreciate violent music that breaks the bounds of heaven then Architectures of Realities will feed your hunger like the radiation from a cataclysmic supernova.