Daemon Worship Productions 2010

Raw, uncompromising, relentless, demonic are all words that describe the ferocious debut album from Swedish black metal hellbeast, Likblek.  A sonic explosion of harsh, hypnotic and repetitive riffing caught somewhere between VON and Transilvanian Hunger era Darkthrone is what confronts us on album opener, It Emerges.  Slowing the pace down a bit for a more Burzum-ish feel is Cold Dead Hands.  The track is driven by a simplistic yet evocative bass line.  The track a drips dank and dirty atmosphere.  However Organs of Doom is slightly thrashier in texture and definitely more energetic.  Primitive sawing riffs that compel a force of rage upon the listener's countenance.  Leperkiss is a stripped-down, straight-ahead assault of no-frills black metal that is relentless in its monotony.  The song does a 180 degree turn as it drops into some clean guitar musings imbuing the track with a musty mood.  The case is not the same with Deathgod Serpent whose brutal visage brings to mind early Mayhem before taking on a Burzum-ish melody.  This Hell is Ours is frothing with blasting drums but its middles section throbs with a black n' roll thickness in the riffs.  Likblek has delivered a violent stabbing frenzy of primitive black metal, soaked with subterranean decay.  Aside from Cold Dead Hands and the crawling funeral march of Graveyard Blasphemers, this album is played at an exhausting pace that batters your ears but mesmerizes your soul before sacrificing it to abyssic gods.