From Forgotten Worlds
Hellthrasher Productions

Lovecraftian death metal, words that might conjure epic and obscure music with strange sonic textures, but you'd be wrong.  Auroch are pure audial violence and brutality.  From the opening burst of Morbid Angel-esque riffs and hyper-speed blast beats on the title-track you know this album is going to be sheer aggression.  Floridian death metal takes center stage and the song's structure constantly twists and churns.  There is a period of slow riffs that close out the song, like distant gods, peering into our universe.  Fleshless Ascension continues this theme and wipes your face with a guitar solo and beefy riffs to steamroll right over you.  A set of Deicide-esque blasts and a blackened approach collapse into an atmospheric segment that is somewhat disorienting.  Then the violence arises renewed and refreshed.  An interesting and infectious set of riffs slink into the composition only for the disorientation to return.  Whereas Slaves to A Flame Undying is enhanced with tiny accents of haunting synth before setting off at warp-speed and settling into some sawing riffs.  At the 4:18 mark you will be pulverized by a massive Morbid Angel-ish rhythm.  Constantly morphing structures and relentlessly developing drum patterns assault you on Dregs of Sanity.  There is no respite from the flurry of riffs and drum lines.  Terra Akaldama puts a hybrid thrash and death riff on display from its outset and then injects some interesting guitar noodling into the melee.  Auroch take a foundation of Morbid Angel rhythms and then slice them with technical accents like fiery guitar solos and squeals as well as constantly shifting tempo changes.  And while we are on the topic of drums, these are just a tiny bit overproduced but still not crazy loud and massive sounding like on some of the more forgettable albums in the underground.  Auroch are not smashing any doors, but From Forgotten Worlds is an album of solid, technical and intense death metal that just might open some between our world and that of elder gods.