Daemon Worship Productions 2010

Swedish black metal, tinged with an occult feel and a feral rawness seeps and froths from the speakers as the debut album from Arfsynd spins.  Lifvets Usurpator opens the album, with eerie moods and a nocturnal atmosphere permeating its diabolical riffs and midtempo crawl.  Perditor sings with a ghostly rasp adding to the supernatural feel of the song.  Arfsynd strikes a similar feel to Armagedda's later work and slower Craft.  However on the second track, Blodsutgjutelse I Herrans Namn, the pace quickens.  Cold Scandinavian melodies surface before cracking upon shores of galloping ugliness.  The track resonates with mystical darkness.  Surprisingly a hypnotic effect, not unlike Transilvanian Hunger echoes within the walls of speedy riffs on Vid Sindaflodens Mynning.  Mesmerizing midtempo riffs churn and slowly descend into a Burzum-ish hiss as the song shifts away from its initial frenzy.  A sense of ancient malevolence boils within the riffs of Flagellanternas Procession.  Thick double-bass drums rumble beneath the guitars before everything unexpectedly explodes into a tornado of cold Nordic riffs.  Sawing guitars with a hint of thrashing violence are unleashed like arctic wolves on Prisa Den Fortappade Flamman.  The song drifts into a windy riffing, that flickers like a flame in the night.  Arfsynd's debut is a graven tome of hateful and icy black metal.  It carries on the flame of underground Swedish blasphemy similar to Craft and Armagedda.  Darkness and a demonic presence haunt the malicious notes of this album and the evilness within your soul is born anew as the the final crackling chords of Sjalamassans Andalykt draw to a close.