Abysmal Incantations

Daemon Worship Productions 2009


Daemon Worship once again brings us some quality underground metal, this time it is a compilation of sorts with both demos(Axiom 2007 and Decree 2005) from Swedenís death metal destructors, Insult.  Steering mostly clear of the traditional Stockholm style, Insult instead opt for a more underground American style with references to early Incantation, Immolation, and others reminding me of the early Relapse 7Ē series.  The Axiom demo opens with Blitzkrieg 666 which unleashes carnage like a collapsing wall of stone.  Everything beneath its riffs is smashed.  A Warmaster era Boltthrower feel permeates the thick, crushing riffs.  Double bass drumming mayhem ensues on Oath of Eternal Desecration as the tempo increases and the gnawing riffs eat away the flesh from your skull.  Manhunt embodies that underground style I am referring to with its gurgling vocals and brutal riffing that dwells in realms of horror, rather than gore.  Heavy Boltthrower double bass sections continue to surface as well on this song and lead into ghostly slower passages.  Increasing the all out savagery of the music is Apocalyptic Plague Inferno with definite references to Immolationís stop-start style and demonic riffing.  We even are treated to Immolation style guitar harmonic squeals.  With track 7 the Decree demo starts.  The production on the Decree demo is not as good as the Axiom demo.  The drums and vocals are louder in the mix and the guitars have a thinner, dryer sound which does take away some from the music.  A Doubters Manifesto is the first track off the decree demo and has an almost thrashier quality to it as the riffs come in bursts.  Unholy Triumph is up next displaying growling vocals, a malevolent bass break and blasting explosions of speed.  Beast of Heresy, for some reason brings to mind early Swedish death though I canít place the reference entirely.  Rabid vocals and sepulchral riffs follow a bouncy drum line into a creeping chorus, fraught with malice.  Insultís style is a trip back to the heyday of underground death metal and bears not only a striking similarity in sound but also in morbid quality.  This demo comp is highly recommended to fans of obscure sounding death metal with references to the early 90s burgeoning underground where brutal morbidity reigned supreme.